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1 Manchester United England United Road Take Me Home All time anthem (Ed: Better audio just added) Esitusloendi
2 Arsenal England And It's Arsenal Another classic anthem from the Gooners. Esitusloendi
3 Chelsea England Chelsea, Chelsea Makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. All time classic (again). Esitusloendi
4 Arsenal England We Love You Arsenal Arsenal chant, makes a classic ringtone. Esitusloendi
5 Liverpool England Fields of Anfield Road The chorus for this classic football song. One of the best! Esitusloendi
6 Manchester United England Manchester Is Wonderful The best city in the world Esitusloendi
7 Liverpool England Liverpool, Liverpool Version of the simple but classic Liverpool football chant. Makes a good ringtone. Esitusloendi
8 Chelsea England The Blue Flag Still flying and off to Wembley. Esitusloendi
9 Milan Italy Forza Milan Forza Milan Esitusloendi
10 Chelsea England Come on Chelsea Come on!!! Esitusloendi
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11 Arsenal England Arsenal Till I Die Sung at every game Esitusloendi
12 Manchester City England Blue Moon The greatest Football chant ever written. Best ringtone. Esitusloendi
13 Liverpool England You'll Never Walk Alone - Remembrance Version Sung for the 96 Esitusloendi
14 Arsenal England Come on Arsenal! A chant to gee on the lads. Esitusloendi
15 Manchester United England Manchester, Manchester, Manchester... The greatest city in England? You bet! Esitusloendi
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